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Asher Fulero

Four Healers Vol. 1​-​4

by Asher Fulero

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‘Four Healers Vol. 1-4’ is a complete collection of the forty license-free soundtrack pieces I created in 2017 for the YouTube Audio Library, lovingly remastered and organized into a series of half-hour mixes that deliver a natural energetic flow spanning the full breadth of styles/moods.

Fans of The Flashbulb, Nils Frahm, Tortoise, Tycho, Boards Of Canada, The Books, or Steve Reich will find familiar sounds to explore as the music investigates the moody and emotional realms at the intersection of instrumentalism and studio production. From minimalist scapes to lush orchestration, the palette reaches across many styles yet speaks from a singular ‘voice’ that permeates, rooted in classical/jazz piano technique but connected equally to modern beatmaking culture, ambient music and experimental futurism. Some pieces are raw and bare, captured live in one take and adorned with only the simplest of accompaniment, while others have the deep studio sheen of careful layering and extensive edits; many are wrapped in what I sometimes call ‘Sonic Instagram Filters’.

Two full hours of music is a lot to ask any listener to take in, but it was just as overwhelming to offer a big folder with 40 individual pieces. After a year of experimenting with playlists, song orders, and themed collections, I finally landed on what seemed like a reasonable listening expectation: 30 minute mixes, each featuring the full range of emotional content so they can stand alone or work together with equal strength. The four Volumes ended up being much like half-hour ‘Suites’, each with around 10 movements (see below for individual song titles).

I’d like to send out special thanks to Fred Torphy for facilitating my involvement in the Audio Library project, to Moon Suk Lee for the very generous donation of this incredible piece of surrealist artwork, and to my studio homies Ilya Goldberg (violin) and Nickles D’Onofrio (guitar/bass) who kindly make occasional cameo appearances throughout the collection.


Vol. 1

Builders Of Ruins
Ionic Magnet
Introspective Spacewalk
Peaceful Conclusion
September Pass
Nostalgic Pull
Towards Us
Woodland Visitation
Aurora Currents
Majestic Welcome

Vol. 2

Timelapsed Tides
Magical Gravity
Delta Wave
Vortex Threshold
Enchanted Glade
Winter Reunion

Vol. 3

Slanky Beat
Positive Outlook
Tundra Sunrise
Memory’s Gifts
Desert Catharsis
Fall Of The Dynasty
Bittersweet Nostalgia
Planetary Motion

Vol. 4

Evasion Pursuit
Pulsar Transmissions
Twilight Viewpoint
Midnight Airdrop
Star-Crossed Lovers
Stormy Lullabye
Mournful Departure
Time Illusionist
Emotional Intuition
Glacial Melting Point
Autumn’s Arrival


released December 11, 2018

All music created by Asher Fulero
January-December 2017
Re-mastered December 2018

Cameo appearances by:
Ilya Goldberg : Violin
Nickles D'Onofrio : Acoustic Guitar

Cover Art: Moon Suk Lee


all rights reserved



Asher Fulero Portland, Oregon

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